AM General’s BRV-O™ JLTV Successfully Demonstrates Game Changing Design and Capabilities at U.S. Government Event

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AM General, a global leader in design, manufacture and support of light tactical military vehicles, recently showcased the maturity and exceptional performance of its newest offering in the light tactical vehicle market — the Blast Resistant Vehicle – Off road (BRV-O™) entry for the U.S. Government’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program during a two week event hosted by the Joint Program Office (JPO) for JLTV at the Transportation Demonstration Support Area (TDSA), Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va. (see action photos at link below).

The JPO event was an active, hands-on, demonstration of vehicle capabilities and technologies where dignitaries from across all spectrums of government and military discussed the vital need to bridge a capabilities gap that exists in the current light tactical vehicle fleet. The proposed “gap-filler” to address survivability, mobility, maintainability and affordability issues in the light tactical vehicle fleet will be the JLTV.

During the demonstration, the AM General JLTV BRV-O prototypes completed the military’s severe off-road track (SORT) without fail, allowing military and congressional leaders to observe and experience the company’s game changing light tactical vehicle design and superior capabilities.

The SORT was comprised of difficult off-road obstacles and allowed AM General to demonstrate its vehicle’s exceptional capabilities while maneuvering steep incline/declines, log climbs, gravel pits, hairpin turns and rugged terrain.

“The two week JPO event provided participants an excellent opportunity to learn more about AM General’s truly innovative BRV-O that embodies how we as a company have listened to our customers and have incorporated more than 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supporting the light tactical military vehicle fleet,” said AM General Vice President, Business Development and Program Management, Chris Vanslager. “During the event, the AM General team was able to successfully demonstrate its game changing improvements in vehicle survivability, affordability, sustainability, transportability, versatility, agility and safety.”

The new BRV-O™ represents more than a decade of AM General investment in research, development and testing for this next-generation vehicle for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. In August 2012, the company’s proposal for JLTV was selected for a $64.5 million Engineering, Manufacturing and Development (EMD) contract. As one of three competitors, AM General is building 22 BRV-O™s for delivery in August and subsequent government testing. These will include a 4-seat variant Combat Tactical Vehicle incorporating three different mission packages and a 2-seat variant Combat Support Vehicle for the utility mission package to support the full spectrum of military operations.

Vanslager added, “We are setting the pace on integrating components, meeting timelines, delivering other requirements while working closely with our military customer representatives on a daily basis. Low-risk, high-quality and affordability is what our customer requires, and we, at AM General, have more than five decades of experience and the heritage of manufacturing light tactical vehicles to deliver those requirements, on time and at the affordable price.”
Over its long history, AM General has produced more than 1.5 million light tactical vehicles in defense of this country’s freedom – far more than any other American company. BRV-O™ features a crew capsule of modular armor design currently undergoing government blast testing. The BRV-O™ design can be readily adapted to future changes in U.S. military missions, enemy threats and new protection technologies as they emerge. BRV-O™ also features AM General’s lightweight, fuel efficient and high performance engine and transmission powertrain; a self-leveling suspension system; a C4ISR backbone with open-standard networked architecture and clustered super-computing power; and other advanced components.

AM General designs, engineers, manufactures, supplies and supports specialized vehicles for military and commercial customers worldwide. AM General has more than five decades of experience meeting the changing needs of the defense and automotive industries, supported by its employees at major facilities in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, and a strong supplier base that stretches across 43 states.

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