AM General Delivers the BRV-O JLTV to U.S. Government for Engineering Manufacturing and Development Testing

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Today the next generation light tactical military vehicle is one step closer to the American warfighter. AM General announced delivery, ahead of schedule, of 22 of the company’s Blast Resistant Vehicle – Off road™ (BRV-O™), a significant milestone in the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program.

JLTV is an Army and Marine Corps joint program to procure vehicles and companion trailers that are capable of performing multiple mission roles while providing protected, sustained and networked mobility for personnel and payloads across the full spectrum of military operations.

AM General Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer John C. Ulrich remarked, “Achieving this key program milestone is a testament to AM General’s more than 50–year history of designing and manufacturing vehicles for the U.S Army and Marine Corps. Today’s successful delivery reinforces the company’s unmatched expertise in managing its supply chain to drive efficiencies in cost and enhanced reliability for our government customers. We have great confidence that BRV-O is the solution to our warfighters’ future light tactical vehicle needs.”

BRV-O represents more than a decade of AM General investment in research, development and testing for this next-generation vehicle. It was less than one year ago that the Government selected the company’s proposal for a $64.5 million JLTV EMD contract to build the 22 vehicles for government testing.

The BRV-O is designed on a common automotive platform that will be delivered as either a four-seat or a two-seat variant. These variants can be configured into four separate mission packages with a variety of equipment kits that will: connect warfighters with fully integrated command and control; protect them with kitted, scalable armoring; and enable them to successfully complete missions across the full spectrum of military operations.

AM General manufactured all 22 vehicles on its dedicated Light Tactical Vehicle Assembly Line at the company’s Military Assembly Plant in Mishawaka, Ind. Many of AM General’s employees took part in the delivery ceremony, which occurred at the company’s Engineering and Development Center in Livonia, Mich. Benefiting from the latest automotive technologies of Detroit, AM General’s Engineering and Development Center complements the company’s Military Assembly Plant which can simultaneously manufacture different vehicles, models, and configurations in scalable quantities.

Over its long history, AM General has manufactured more than 1.5 million vehicles to defend our country’s freedom – far more than any other company. BRV-O features a crew capsule of modular armor design currently undergoing government blast testing. The BRV-O design can be readily adapted to future changes in U.S. military missions, enemy threats and new protection technologies as they emerge. BRV-O also features AM General’s lightweight, fuel efficient and high performance engine and transmission powertrain; a self-leveling suspension system; electronic braking and stability control, a C4ISR backbone with open-standard networked architecture and clustered super-computing power; and other advanced components.


AM General designs, engineers, manufactures, supplies and supports specialized vehicles for military and commercial customers worldwide. AM General has more than five decades of experience meeting the changing needs of the defense and automotive industries, supported by its employees at major facilities in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, and a strong supplier base that stretches across 43 states.

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