Our Chassis allows customers to maximize their in-country content on a proven platform. Additionally, our experience in delivering rugged and quality products increases speed to market by removing the timing needed for chassis design, development, and manufacturing. We can provide each chassis as a complete kit, semi-knocked-down (SKD) kit, or complete knock-down (CKD) kit to further increase in-country content. We are flexible in executing that best fit our customers’ needs. Our chassis is available with a complete body builder’s guide to aide in adapting the body for optimal quality control.

10K – 15.5K lbs.
X-ray view of the 13 series chassis produced by AM General

Chassis for LTV / commercial applications

The ultimate off-road payload carrying capacity

Meets U.S. / NATO military certifications
Complete integrated system vs. commercial chassis

Enables recapitalization process at only 1/3 the cost

Proven capable & reliable for 30+ years as Humvee chassis