To view our current course catalog for Humvee Military Training, download our training brochure. Participants must be registered at least seven working days prior to course start date.

As part of our commitment to vehicle lifecycle support, AM General’s Training Center offers training tailored to the needs of our U.S. and international customers. Our facilities in Indiana include a 320-acre off-road training course where participants are exposed to multiple terrains that simulate extreme, real-world environments.

This unique training course teaches military operators how to inspect their vehicles properly, negotiate extreme terrain, conduct battle damage assessment in the field, and restore maneuverability through multiple recovery techniques. This increased knowledge has proven to increase higher readiness rates, safety, and survivability.

AM General also conducts classroom instruction and has fully equipped technical training bays for hands-on learning. Through our courses, commercial and military technicians increase their understanding of detailed automotive principals, troubleshooting, service, and repair.

Proven benefits of AM General training services:

Quicker turnaround times for maintenance and repairs

Maintenance cost reduction

Improved quality assurance and readiness rates

Longer vehicle life

Longer component life

Improved force protection

Longer retention of skills in maintenance and repairs

Mobile Training Team
To meet the requirements of U.S. and international customers, AM General’s Mobile Training Team deploys to customer sites to provide customized hands-on training.

Humvee Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Training Programs available for customization and on-site instruction include:

Advanced Mobility / Maintenance / BDAR

Field Maintenance Training

Sustainment Maintenance Training

4L80-E Transmission Maintenance Training

Alternator, Starter, and Electrical Systems Training

Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Training

Air Conditioning Systems Training