Platforms + Automotive Systems

Design & Engineering

AM General offers engineering services to take your vehicle from concept to prototype to production.

Our product development capabilities are showcased through the design of the HUMVEE, the JLTV A2, General Motors’ HUMMER H1 and the MV-1.
In our state-of-the-art Engineering and Technical Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan, we have the expertise and facility to support our customers' product development needs. These include the ability to support developmental builds including on-site parts fabrication and prototype assembly, testing, and validation.

Services Include:

Vehicle design & CAD development

Vehicle system design optimization

Product development

Product validation

Upfit/conversion product design & validation

Warranty administration

Technical training & testing

Publications and manuals


Aftermarket part design & validation

Production Launch

AM General has a long history of success in surpassing customer expectations and meeting deadlines, whether it's relocating a Mercedes-Benz R-Class from its original assembly plant to an AM General facility or constructing a new plant and equipment for the HUMMER H2.

AM General's manufacturing and quality engineers are well-versed in aiding product development initiatives, from the design studio's clay models to prototype builds and finally to production. Our manufacturing proficiency can bridge the knowledge gap during the production planning stage to guarantee a successful product launch.

Services Include:

Design for Manufacturing/Design for Assembly

Facilities Engineering

Project Planning

Tooling Design and Bid Pack Development

Tooling implementation management

Capital purchasing and budgeting

Standardized work

Process engineering

FMEA development

Quality standards development


Problematic supplier support

Dimensional control engineering

Weld engineering

Quality certification and qualification

Contract Manufacturing

AM General has honed its contract assembly expertise through programs like the HUMMER H2, MV-1, Mercedes-Benz R-Class and Ford Transit Connect BEV.

We have been assembling vehicles for over 100 years, as both an OEM and as a contractor. AM General’s assembly solutions are comprehensive and customizable.

Whether it’s the 675,000 sq. ft. assembly plant that AM General designed and built for the HUMMER H2 or the 17,000 sq. ft. SKD plant for the Ford Transit Connect BEV,  understand how to size a facility to meet our customers’ needs.

Services Include:

Complete vehicle assembly

Semi Knock Down (SKD)


Special edition and upfit service

Operations management

Human resource management

Localization / Technology Transfer
With over 30 years of experience in providing mobility solutions that allow customers to develop unique vehicles for their own market, AM General’s solutions build on the global trend of technical insertions and technology licensing being made available for localized production.

Leveraging our 100+ year heritage as a defense contractor to understand widely varying customer requirements, we have been able to develop manufacturing capabilities in our customer’s countries. In addition to assisting in the manufacturing set-up, we can also help our customers design and develop vehicles by providing our world-class manufacturing expertise. And to ensure extended fleet sustainment, we can provide logistics support for parts and service as well as training to support customers throughout the product lifecycle.

AM General’s experience in providing technical insertions for localized production spans decades. From MOWAG, to Otokar and ElVO, we’ve provided customers with the same capable chassis that powers the Humvee. With the expansion of our chassis portfolio, we can provide chassis systems higher in the vehicle weight spectrum, like our 15-series chassis that can go up to 22,500 lbs. in GVW for in-country vehicle development.

AM General’s localization efforts also expand industry within the United States. With extensive manufacturing and supply chain management experience, we can work with global customers to build and support vehicles in the US for global sale:

In partnership with Arquus, AM General will manufacture the 12-ton armored personnel carrier, Bastion

Working towards a strategic partnership with FCA, AM General has developed the Jeep Gladiator XMT concept truck

Partnership Case Studies
Public-Private Partnerships are an innovative way to implement recapitalization or remanufacturing activities in the U.S. with specialized partners.

These relationships can also include assisting countries in developing their own local facilities for the purpose of extending vehicle lifecycles or providing the knowledge and support needed to develop in-house capability to enhance and maintain fleets.

Examples of Public-Private Partnerships include:

Teaming – AM General employs the use of a combination of depot and contractor facilities and personnel to produce or repair weapon systems, equipment and components. We can also provide partners access to previously unreachable international markets via scaled localization strategies.

Purchasing – AM General leverages existing supplier relationships to allow access and efficiencies via our established network.

Successful examples of our Public-Private Partnerships:

AM General has partnered with the Red River Army Depot in the refurbishment and upgrade of HUMVEE models that will continue to be in the U.S. Military fleet for years to come.

In partnership with the National Guard Rock Island Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center (JMTC), AM General produces the M997A3 Ambulance with the same rigorous quality standards at the Rock Island Arsenal.