For over 75 years, we’ve helped the armed forces get where they need to go. From the famous Willys Jeep to the iconic Humvee® (HMMWV), we are the world leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and support of Light Tactical Vehicles.

And that’s just the beginning. We're building for the future... now.



In an era characterized by rapid technological evolution and unconventional security threats, modern warfare is no longer confined to a single battlefield. Enter Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) — a military concept that envisions operations across multiple realms: land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace.

The AM General portfolio of vehicle platforms stands Mission Ready to integrate a wide range of technologies to maintain the agility required of each piece of equipment deployed within the MDO environment.
Key Components of MDO:

  • INTEGRATION: Rather than each domain operating in isolation, MDO emphasizes the need for real-time communication and data sharing across domains.

  • AGILITY: This approach demands fluidity, allowing forces to shift resources and attention between domains as the battle scenario evolves.

  • SYNCHRONIZATION: It's not just about simultaneous operations; it's about conducting them in a way that multiplies the effects in one domain to create opportunities in another.

The HUMVEE Swarm concept utilizes drive-by-wire technology to make possible a completely autonomous vehicle that allows critical battlefield assets to be delivered and implemented with greatly reduced risk to soldiers on the ground. Once the assets have been deployed, the HUMVEE Swarm can quickly reposition, reducing chances of detection or targeting by the battlefield opponent.


AM General platform integrations provide expeditionary command post capabilities to support new, lightweight tactical computing environments in energy-informed, decentralized operations.

These new technology enhancements enable warfighters to rapidly move and position command posts, delivering connected, agile, and scalable command centers.


The HUMVEE Charge hybrid-electric light tactical vehicle concept demonstrates the viability of electrifying military land vehicles to deliver enhanced performance while reducing the carbon footprint of military operations. Designed to exceed the needs of our customer’s evolving operational and tactical requirements, this concept delivers enhanced fuel economy, extended range capability, increased acceleration, operational stealth, and exportable power for a wide range of missions. The HUMVEE Charge’s drivetrain consists of a conventional internal combustion engine paired with a battery and electric motor. Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology has been utilized for its hybrid-electric system components.

Three Propulsion Modes

    Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Only
    The wheels are powered by the conventional ICE, which also generates power that is stored by the vehicle’s battery.

    The engine is used with the electric motor to drive the wheels, providing an extended range.

    Electric Only
    The battery and electric motor power the wheels.

Silent Mobility
For situations that demand an element of stealth, the vehicle operates in fully electric mode (all vehicle systems are functional, and the internal combustion engine isn’t running).
While the vehicle is stationary, the HUMVEE Charge deactivates the internal combustion engine cylinders without degrading operations or functionality.
Enhanced Silent Watch
When the mission calls for prolonged operation of the systems within the vehicle while it remains in place, the HUMVEE Charge concept is capable of running off battery power for an extended period of time.
Export Power
The vehicle can generate, store, and distribute power to external assets, maintaining the ability to deliver 12VDC, 28VDC, High Voltage DC, 110V AC, and 220V AC*.
On-board Vehicle Power
Ability to use vehicle to power equipment at low voltage rates (24VDC, expanded options from current HMMWV platforms).
Plug In Hybrid Electric
Vehicle (PHEV) Capability
Utilizing COTS parts for maximum compatibility with mainstream charging interfaces, The HUMVEE Charge can be plugged into an existing electrical power source to be recharged.
Acceleration Improvements
The HUMVEE Charge is capable of accelerating from 0 MPH to 30 MPH within the minimum required standard through the combined use of the ICE, battery, and electric motor*.
Regenerative Energy Capture
Energy is recaptured from vehicle braking and suspension motion, providing significant enhancements in range.



Vehicle exportable power refers to the ability of a vehicle’s engine or battery to provide power to external devices and systems. Essentially, the vehicle acts as a portable generator, transforming its stored and generated energy into usable power to fulfill myriad missions.

The availability of exportable power will allow AM General vehicle platforms to be a game-changer on the battlefield. They will be able to support mobile command centers, charge equipment, or power radar and defense systems, all while maintaining the agility to quickly re-deploy to different locations or missions at a moment’s notice.


Exportable power will also play a key role in helping the military or emergency services fulfill their mission in areas struck by natural disasters where power grids are down. The ability to provide energy for life-saving medical equipment, communication systems and infrastructure, and basic utilities will be vital for the vehicle platforms of the future.


AM General is actively involved in several projects that will demonstrate autonomous vehicle technology for both commercial and military applications. In partnership with industry and academia, AM General has participated in demonstrations and challenges to highlight our capabilities. Current development activities are centered on the electrification of sub-systems (brakes, steering, HVAC) to allow full autonomous controlled operation.

  • Remote Controlled Operating Systems

  • Active Drive Assist

  • Leader / Follower Autonomous Convoys

  • Manned / Unmanned Teaming

Semi-Active Long-Travel

The maximum safe speed at which a vehicle can negotiate terrain affects the way a suspension system is able to react to various conditions. AM General is developing a long travel suspension with semi-active dampening which can accommodate greater profile terrain and adjust to varying speed inputs. With our enhancements, users can improve cross-country performance and speed over their intended course.