Indiana National Guard visitors tour Military Assembly Plant

In Community + Industry by Chad

AM General was honored to host visitors from the Indiana National Guard, the Adjutant General of Indiana, Major General Courtney Carr, and the senior leadership team, State Command Sergeant Major James Gordon and Command Chief Warrant Officer Chris Jennings. On April 11, they toured the Military Assembly Plant with Andy Hove to see HMMWV’s being manufactured. Andy introduced MG Carr and the Major General spoke to the employees about the importance of HMMWV’s to the National Guard and to the people of the United States.

“I come here today as an Army leader wishing to thank you for the superb work and high standards of excellence each of you put into assembly line operations and product support. Our Army has a lot of people serving this nation in the defense of liberty. Not all are in uniform. I consider each employee of AM General to be in the service of this nation. The personal pride you put in your work is reflected in the high reliability rates of the new HMMWVs and also the high ‘USR’ reports from our units,” MG Carr said.

MG Carr also praised our HMMWV modernization program, which is integral to National Guard readiness initiatives. “The feedback I am getting from Guard units across America tells me that your modernized HMMWVs are the best ever and are well received by the troops. We are rapidly closing the gap on a readiness issue that adds value to the National Guard.”

“Whether it is ‘training readiness,’ combat operations, or domestic response to floods and other natural disasters, it is the soldier in his or her HMMWV that America sees coming to their aide,” MG Carr said.