Global Demand for New HMMWVs Continues with AM General’s Newly Awarded 5-Year Foreign Military Sale Contract For Up to 11,560 HMMWVs

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 The U.S. Army Contracting Command today awarded global vehicle solutions provider AM General a 5-year, firm fixed price Foreign Military Sale (FMS) requirements contract to manufacture an estimated quantity of 11,560 new High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs). The total value of the contract is approximately $2.2 billion.

“The HMMWV continues to be the most sought after light tactical vehicle for military and government customers around the world demonstrating its relevance and reliability while ensuring readiness at an affordable price for the U.S., our allies and coalition partners,” said AM General President and CEO, Andy Hove. “Today’s contract announcement once again highlights the HMMWV as a modern, proven, highly deployable, versatile, rugged and affordable light tactical vehicle.”

Under this contract, AM General will provide a wide range of variants including protected weapons carriers, cargo transporters, communications vehicles and ambulances. The vehicles under this contract builds upon the current globally installed base of over 250,000 HMMWVs in use worldwide in over 60 different countries.

The HMMWV platform performs more mission roles than any other tactical vehicle in the world. The modern HMMWV built by AM General, today includes a high performance, rugged and reliable automotive system. Today’s HMMWV incorporates improvements to the engine (70% increase in torque), transmission (additional overdrive combined with a 2-speed full time all-wheel drive transfer case), cooling system (50% increase), electrical system (400% increase in power generation capacity), suspension and chassis (50% increase in gross vehicle weight capacity) that together provide significant improvements to power, performance and payload, combined with mine blast and ballistic protection levels for users around the world.

AM General continues to design, test and build these improvements into the highly successful HMMWV Ambulance and Army National Guard HMMWV Modernization Public Private Partnership programs, and even more enhancements are available to meet U.S. domestic and international customer needs.

About AM General

AM General designs, engineers, manufactures, supplies and supports specialized vehicles for military and commercial customers worldwide. Through its military business, the company is widely recognized as the world leader in design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics support of Tactical Vehicles, having produced and sustained more than 300,000 vehicles in over 60 countries. AM General has more than five decades of experience meeting the changing needs of the defense and automotive industries, supported by its employees at major facilities in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, and a strong supplier base that stretches across 43 states. Please see more information about AM General at