AM General/UAW Local 5 Workforce Campaign Makes a Huge Contribution to United Way

In Community + Industry by Chad

AM General and United Auto Workers Local 5 (UAW Local 5) have had a longstanding partnership, supporting the community through United Way of St. Joseph County. In fact, collectively, AM General has been the largest source of United Way campaign contributions since 2005.

Together, AM General and UAW Local 5 assembled a team of dedicated employees who work towards a common goal-raising funds to help those in need. The team runs an extremely effective campaign, meeting and exceeding its company goal every year. Despite the challenges of the current economy, the 2011 Campaign is no exception. Thanks to the generosity of participating employees, the AM General workforce campaign once again exceeded its goal this year and is the second highest workforce campaign contributor to the United Way of St. Joseph County.

The AM General/UAW Local 5 team worked tirelessly to ensure the success of their fundraising efforts, implementing various incentive programs throughout the duration of the campaign to increase participation rates and donations. They also met one-on-one with employees to teach them about United Way and how donations make a huge impact in the community.

Additionally, Gary Wuslich, AM General V.P. Human Resources and Joe Taylor III, UAW Local 5 President, lent their support by being jointly featured on this year’s AM General campaign poster. Visit to view the poster.

United Way is so grateful to have partners like AM General/UAW Local 5. The unity displayed in their campaign as well as their overwhelming success is an inspiration to the whole community.

About United Way Workforce Campaigns:

Every year local businesses partner with United Way of St. Joseph County to raise funds that are invested into the community. Participating businesses run their own internal workforce campaigns and are the lifeblood to United Way’s annual campaign, accounting for approximately 90% of total funds raised annually. United Way literally could not have the impact it does without the help of local businesses and their employees.

To find out how funds raised for United Way impact the community of St. Joseph County, please visit: