AM General Submits Final Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Proposal

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AM General, the most experienced Light Tactical Vehicle producer in the world, today submitted the final proposal for its Blast Resistant Vehicle-Offroad (BRV-O®) entrant into the U.S. Government’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program. AM General’s proposal reflects the company’s industry leading Systems Engineering approach, and its unmatched production and light tactical vehicle program management expertise, delivering the best value and lowest risk for the JLTV program. The BRV-O provides the most operational and protection capability to address current and future needs of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps.

“The BRV-O is a combat system designed and built with a total focus on Warfighter needs, by a team whose sole calling is fielding the world’s best light tactical vehicles. The BRV-O JLTV proposal reflects AM General’s dedication to excellence and our steadfast determination to be the most reliable, trusted partner for the United States government,” said AM General President and CEO, Charlie Hall. “AM General has the experience, focus, innovation and investment to give Soldiers and Marines the advantage in a dangerous and constantly changing world. As President and CEO of AM General, I am proud to personally lead the team in these efforts, working with our committed management, engineers and our UAW represented employees.”

AM General’s BRV-O exhibited outstanding performance during the testing process as it successfully completed and/or exceeded every milestone throughout the JLTV program’s recent Engineering, Manufacturing and Development phase where vehicles were subjected to extensive off-road and survivability testing.

The BRV-O’s design is adaptable and flexible in anticipation of future requirements. It can negotiate open terrain and maneuver effectively in urban environments, and its open-architecture C4ISR capability is already organic to and tested in the vehicle to provide every crewmember connectivity in joint and coalition operations.

The BRV-O’s crew capsule and modular armor successfully completed, and in important respects exceeded, all requirements for force protection in blast tests. Operationally, if armor is damaged in future combat situations, its separate components can be readily replaced while remaining in the area of operation. This will dramatically improve readiness and further reduce the BRV-O’s already efficient and low life-cycle support cost profile.

The BRV-O is based on more than a decade of AM General’s own investments in research, development and testing for a highly mobile and versatile next-generation light tactical military vehicle and reflects the culmination of more than 50 years of experience in the design, development and production of more than 1.5 million tactical vehicles.

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