AM General Selects Brighton Cromwell As Its Sole Authorized Distributor of Certified HMMWV Parts

In Community + Industry by Chad

AM General today announced it has selected global supply chain integrator Brighton Cromwell, to be its sole authorized aftermarket reseller of certified HMMWV parts.

“The HMMWV continues to be the vehicle of choice as the workhorse for militaries around the world and delivering vehicles is just the beginning of AM General’s commitment to our customer’s needs,” said Larry Platt, Executive Vice President, AM General, International Defense. “Brighton Cromwell is an ideal partner to supply our valued customers with genuine, certified HMMWV parts. As part of the agreement, Brighton Cromwell will stock a significant amount of fast moving parts allowing them to ship and deliver them more quickly to our global customers.”

There are approximately 230,000 HMMWVs currently in military vehicle fleets around the world performing front line missions demonstrating that the HMMWV remains a critical operational asset.

Platt noted, “In the past few years we have seen a significant increase in fraudulent parts along with companies claiming to be AM General authorized parts suppliers. These companies have had no contractual relationship to AM General and their claims made it difficult to ensure that the parts being offered were genuine AM General parts. This relationship with Brighton Cromwell erases concern about where the parts are coming from and ensures AM General customers authenticity as they procure genuine parts to support their HMMWV fleet.”

Brighton Cromwell will provide support for all HMMWV configurations built over the last 30 years. Additionally, as AM General’s sole aftermarket parts provider, the company will bring their renowned expertise in managing lead times, expediting parts shipments and providing exceptional customer service to AM General’s loyal customers.

Brighton Cromwell has demonstrated expertise in supply chain management and logistics in support to military customers. In the last three years the company has processed more than 12,000,000 parts. During the same period the company has shipped more than 400,000 Ground and Combat vehicle sustainment, reset, and overhaul kits world-wide.