AM General Highlights Diverse International Vehicle Solutions at LAAD 2017

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AM General, the premiere “Global Vehicle Solutions Provider”, will showcase its innovative vehicle solutions, global reach and diversification at the Latin America Aerospace and Defence (LAAD) tradeshow,  April 4-7, 2017 at the Riocentro Exhibition & Convention Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Booth I.44 in the U.S. Pavilion.

AM General Exhibit / Discussion Highlights:

M1165 Special Operations HMMWV on Display – Many of the Light Tactical Vehicles AM General has developed for the U.S. military are available for export and the M1165 HMMWV is one such variant. Specifically configured for Special Operations forces, the M1165 is built for speed and provides protection for crew, weapons components and ammunition.  The M1165 is expertly engineered to withstand the demanding requirements of special operation missions that necessitate increased payloads without sacrificing mobility, dependability or performance. Key features of the vehicle include:

  • Robust design suitable for use in all weather conditions
  • Payload ranges from 2,230 to 4,950 lbs. based on armor configuration and fragmentation kit
  • Air transportable and droppable, and can be sling-loaded via helicopter
  • Two available armor kits:
    • “A” kit, which can be factory installed
    • Optional “B” kit, which provides ballistic and other protection when combined with the “A” kit
  • Additional armor and fragmentation kits are field installable and removable to provide flexibility for missions that do not require heavy protection
  • Equipped with an air-conditioning system to provide optimal crew comfort and increased mission readiness

Multi-Purpose Truck / MPT –   In direct response to addressing continued international demand for U.S. military products and services and the desire to build indigenous manufacturing capability and capacity in-country, AM General representatives will be on-hand to discuss their groundbreaking Multi-Purpose Truck (MPT) concept.  Introduced to the Latin American market for the first time at LAAD 2017, MPT is a commercial base 4×4 platform chassis truck (cab and chassis) with 8,391 kg (18,500 lb) GVW and 2,359 kg (5,200 lb) payload capacity engineered to serve the extreme-environment needs of energy, mining, industrial, and government customers around the world. The MPT is engineered and designed based on existing and test-proven AM General components, Off-the-Shelf (OTS) AM General items, Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) items from other commercial vehicles and Military Commercial Off-the-Shelf (M-COTS) items. The MPT was designed to allow customers to configure payload modules based on their needs. The Cab & Chassis Base Platform is the base vehicle configuration. MPT modules can be developed by the purchasing country’s engineering experts or, if needed, by AM General engineers. Modules can include several applicable configurations utilizing a 2-man cab. Other variants include the 2-man w/ Flat Bed, 2 + 6 Personnel Carrier, 4-man Base w/ Cargo box, and 9 Crew Capacity Vehicle.

HMMWV/Hawkeye Howitzer System – Also introduced to the Latin American market for the first time at LAAD 2017, the HMMWV/Hawkeye Howitzer System incorporates advances in protection, payload, suspensions and life-cycle sustainment at an affordable price to meet the unique expeditionary requirements of global customers.  It exemplifies the steady evolution of the HMMWV based on customer feedback, battlefield experiences, and innovation. AM General representatives will be on-hand to discuss this innovative vehicle system.
Key Features:

  • The 105mm Mobile Weapon System (MWS) is the lightest weight, most highly maneuverable self-propelled howitzer in the world today.
  • Hybrid Soft Recoil technology allows weapon to be paired with AM General HMMWV
  • Lightweight at less than 2,400 lbs. (1,100 kg)
  • Fires 360 degrees
  • Direct fire scope is digital camera in conjunction with the digital fire control
  • Most maintenance can be performed at unit level
  • Electronically controlled elevation and azimuth work with digital fire control
  • Growth potential for all features including a longer caliber cannon
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to efficient design

HMMWV Chassis Modernization – AM General is uniquely capable of tailoring upgrades and modernization programs that are based on the specific needs of each country.  These modernization efforts can range from country specific fleet surveys that recommend a set of services or component upgrades… through offering a complete modernization program that will bring earlier HMMWVs to a configuration on par with new vehicles.  The modernized chassis is designed for HMMWVs that will continue to be in the U.S. and international military fleets for 30-plus years. AM General’s modernized chassis has been upgraded after more than 10 years of Research and Development investment to support heavier vehicle operating weights, thereby increasing payload capacity at the same time as providing full crew protection with modular and scaleable kitted armor. Additionally, the upgraded cooling system provides higher cooling capacity to ensure the HMMWV will meet or exceed all operational requirements at a heavier operating weight and in significantly higher temperature environments.  Specific improvements include: 400-amp alternator; Enhanced air lift brackets; Front mounted AC condenser; heavy duty shocks; high capacity disc brakes; improved cooling with gear fan drive; reduced effort steering; increased load rated wheels; robust 3-piece frame rails; dedicated parking brake; rear differential improved cooling capacity.

HMMWV Parts, Service and Training – AM General is uniquely capable of providing parts, service and training on all HMMWV configurations built over the last 30 years and currently in service. AM General builds most of the critical spare parts including engine, transmission and suspension components and AM General certified parts are available through our global parts provider Brighton Cromwell.  Representatives will be on hand to discuss the company’s award-winning, worldwide supply chain management and field service support, dealer and technician training, advanced driver training and warranty support.