AM General Displays Modified and Diversified Mobility Solutions Highlighting Innovative Partnerships at AUSA 2017

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Global vehicle solutions provider, AM General, will display a wide range of modernized, rugged and cost-effective product offerings with a focus on leveraging existing public private partnerships at the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Oct. 9-11, 2017 Booth 1439/ Lower Level/ Hall B, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

“The AUSA Expo is an incredible venue that allows us to demonstrate to our domestic and international customers AM General’s innovation and versatility,” said AM General President and CEO, Andy Hove. “Initiatives like the Enhanced Applique Program (which showcases products like the HMMWV Hawkeye), and the Modernized Chassis reinforce our commitment to provide the best mobility solutions for our customers’ unique expeditionary needs. Today, we build more military vehicles than any other company in the world, and that is a testament to the reliability and flexibility of our automotive systems.”

AM General representatives will be available to discuss the innovative vehicles on display, as well as provide in-depth information on engineering and logistics services, their award-winning global supply chain management, field service support, as well as parts and equipment warranty support.

AM General Exhibit Details

Enhanced Tactical Indirect (ETI) – HMMWV Hawkeye 105mm Weapon System
The Hawkeye 105mm Howitzer Kit adds another level of lethality and capability to the highly sought-after HMMWV Light Tactical Vehicle. Not only does the kit deliver increased readiness with reduced manpower, but also features a compact logistic footprint to meet unique requirements of customers worldwide. Key features includes:

  • Integration of unmatched Hybrid Soft Recoil technology
  • Application of the standard M20 105mm Cannon for high reliability and accuracy
  • Fires 360 degrees (6400 mils) without stops; no other platform delivers this
  • Shoots 8 rounds/minute for 3 minutes, with sustained fire of 3 rounds/minute
  • Delivery of lightest weight, most highly maneuverable, self-propelled howitzer in the world today

M997A3 HMMWV Ambulance
In partnership with the Rock Island Arsenal, the rugged and resilient M997A3 is the ambulance configuration of the HMMWV family. AM General builds a new automotive chassis integrated with mission-focused upgrades and Rock Island Arsenal builds the ambulance shelter resulting in a modernized ambulance equipped with advanced armor protection to reliably transport causalities from the battlefield to medical aid stations. Key features include:

  • Patient transport: Up to 4 litter patients, 8 ambulatory patients (or a combination of both)
  • Heat / Ventilation / Air Conditioning systems available
  • Payload: Over 3,000 lbs.

M1100 Series Chassis
The AM General HMMWV Chassis has been optimized to provide increased reliability as payload requirements continue to increase.  Upgraded steering components and geometry, higher off-road speed, increased payload capacity, and a new geared fan drive are among the improvements for reliability and durability on the M1100 Series HMMWVs. Key features include:

  • Rear Differential: Improved cooling capacity supports higher vehicle weights and increased reliability
  • Shock Absorbers: Allows for higher speeds over rough terrain and increased payload capacity
  • Upgraded Electrical: Provides increased power to support weapon systems, command and control, and intelligence sensors
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing System (AFES): Significantly improved crew protection

M1097 Enhanced Tactical Mobility (ETM) – Safety Enhanced 9-Man
Based on Army requirements input, AM General developed the HMMWV Enhanced Tactical Mobility (ETM) Kit that allows for a 2-man M1097 HMMWV to be converted to a 9-man transportation vehicle. Continuing with the Enhanced Applique Program (EAP) concept of “providing affordable solutions to increase capabilities with assets already in the formation” (the HMMWV), the ETM kit provides significant improvement in mobility and transport to the light infantry combat teams and their squads of 9 soldiers enabling considerable increase in range of operations over a much larger area of operation through cross country movements. ETM uses 2, 3 or 5-point safety restraints and a crush bar capable of sustaining crush loads over 10,000 lbs. The ETM kit, as a reparable part, can be installed by two people in less than 2 hours with Common Tools. It is a cost-effective solution that addresses mobility gaps to maneuver Infantry squads with HMMWV vehicles in the formation.

The AM General FMTV A2 provides the strongest iron triangle of payload, protection, and performance, through use of its reliable mature suspension with improved load carrying and energy absorbing characteristics. Heavy payloads are supported by a steel frame backbone for reliable cargo carrying efficiency. The FMTV A2 is optimized for:

The Soldier:

  • Objective-level Protection
  • Improved Ride Quality
  • Increase Interior Cab Space

The Mission

  • Improved Mobility
  • Increased Payload
  • Extended Range

The Army

  • Lower Per Unit Acquisition Cost
  • Lower Lifecycle Costs

About AM General

AM General designs, engineers, manufactures, supplies and supports specialized vehicles for military and commercial customers worldwide. Through its military business, the company is widely recognized as the world leader in design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics support of Tactical Vehicles, having produced and sustained more than 300,000 vehicles in over 60 countries. AM General has more than five decades of experience meeting the changing needs of the defense and automotive industries, supported by its employees at major facilities in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, and a strong supplier base that stretches across 43 states.