Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Weight Reduction
AM General employs a structured system engineering process in which weight reduction initiatives are performed to provide the optimum design solutions for greater payload-to-platform weight ratios.

Our experience and knowledge, combined with state-of-the-art modeling and simulations, help us develop solutions consistent with the customer’s objectives. This is followed by comprehensive and rigorous component, sub-system and system validation testing to confirm product performance and simulation accuracy.

In addition to systems tests, we also leverage the latest innovative products, materials and process to maximize weight reduction initiatives. AM General's focus on continuous improvement through system engineering processes will provide our customers products efficiency benefits into the future.
AM General is actively involved in several projects that will demonstrate autonomous vehicle technology for both commercial and military applications. In partnership with industry and academia, AM General has participated in demonstrations and challenges to highlight our capabilities. Current development activities are centered on the electrification of sub-systems (brakes, steering, HVAC) to allow full autonomous controlled operation.
Areas of Development:

Robotic Operating Systems Automated Weapons Operations

Active Drive Assist

Leader / Follower Autonomous Convoys

Manned / Unmanned Teaming

Semi-Active Suspension — Long-Travel
The maximum safe speed at which a vehicle can negotiate terrain affects the way a suspension system is able to react to various conditions. AM General is developing a long travel suspension with semi-active dampening which can accommodate greater profile terrain and adjust to varying speed inputs. With our enhancements, users can improve cross-country performance and speed over their intended course.