& Automotive Systems

6k - 10k GVW (lbs)

Non-armored Light Tactical Vehicles
Over 35 years ago, AM General developed, tested, and launched what has now become the most iconic light tactical vehicle in the world.

Over the course of nearly four decades, Humvee has evolved and kept pace with the changing landscape. This is not the same Humvee that deployed to Panama in 1989. Throughout the life of this proven platform, our engineers have developed solutions from greater payload capacity, added safety, and increased power, to variants that meet specific requirements such as the narrow body version that fits in a CH-47 helicopter.

Additionally, we are expanding our product portfolio to augment the light tactical vehicle weight spectrum. Our work towards a strategic partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has resulted in the Jeep® Gladiator XMT Concept, which fits between the X-LT3 and Humvee family of vehicles.

11k - 15k GVW (lbs)

Up-armored Light Tactical Vehicles
AM General provides enhanced safety of our vehicles with armor-ready and upgradeable protection that is scalable for various threat environments. Our armoring solutions are flexible and can be installed in the factory or in the field, giving our customers agility to rapidly respond to their environment.

Underbody rocker armor

Lower windscreen deflector armor

Energy absorbing seats

Gapless mine and ballistic protection

Field-installable Kits: Perimeter Protection, Enhanced Body Protection

18.5k - 22.5k GVW (lbs)

The Multi-Purpose Truck (MPT) is a commercial base 4x4 platform chassis truck (cab and chassis).

It has a 8,391 kg (18,500 lb) GVW and 2,359 kg (5,200 lb) payload capacity engineered to serve the extreme-environment needs of energy, mining, industrial, and government customers around the world. This truck is designed to allow customers to configure payload modules customized to their specific needs and provides a multi-purpose platform capable of integrating various modules, weapons, and additional internal components.

25k+ GVW (lbs)

The Bastion is a 12-ton vehicle developed on the Arquus VLRA 4x4 platform and built in the USA by AM General.

It offers a combination of tactical performance, robust capability and simplified maintenance. The armored hull features large internal volume as well as protection against ballistic threats, mines and IEDs. The Bastion is ideal for peace-keeping, reconnaissance and combat missions.
AM General’s chassis offerings allow customers to maximize their in-country content on a proven platform. Additionally, our experience in delivering rugged and quality products increases speed to market by removing the timing needed for chassis design, development, and manufacturing. We can provide each chassis as a complete kit, semi-knocked-down (SKD) kit, or complete knock-down (CKD) kit to further increase in-country content. We are flexible in the execution that best fits our customers’ needs. All chassis are available with a complete body builder’s guide to aide in adapting the body for optimal quality control.
13 Series
10K – 15.5K lbs.
Chassis13 Series

Chassis for LTV / commercial applications

Ultimate off-road payload carrying capacity

Meets U.S. / NATO military certifications

Complete integrated system vs. commercial chassis

Enables recapitalization process at 1/3 the cost

Proven capable & reliable for 30+ years as Humvee chassis

15 Series
14K – 22.5K lbs.
Chassis15 Series

Off-road chassis with superior mobility

Most customizable architecture

Excels in the harshest environments and performs the most difficult tasks

Complete integrated system vs. commercial chassis

35 Series
32k – 41k lbs.
Chassis35 Series

Chassis with 4x4 configuration

Highest adaptability for rugged commercial and military use

Improved survivability in combat environments

50 Series
47K – 63K lbs.
Chassis50 Series

Chassis with 6x6 configuration

Ultimate payload carrying capacity

Rugged hardware

Automotive Components

Transmission Systems