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Mission Systems

The Humvee 2-CT Hawkeye 105mm MHS System and Brutus 155mm MHS Mobile Howitzer Concept System are prime movers into self-propelled howitzer systems capable of rapidly emplacing, firing, and displacing before the enemy can react, thus increasing personnel survivability.
These systems deliver increased lethality, mobility and survivability while leveraging the lifecycle management of a proven vehicle platform. Our artillery solutions are adaptable in multi-mission environments with their simplified design and optimized personnel size, maintenance time, life cycle costs and logistics support requirements.

AM General’s vehicle platforms are reconfigurable to meet multiple mission sets, and that includes mission critical medical support in any environment. Our proven and rugged vehicles have been on front-line efforts to support the injured and transport them to safely receive advanced medical care. We provide medical evacuation capabilities to our customers in support of contingency operations, domestic emergencies and humanitarian assistance missions.

Humvee 2-CTAmbulance

Command Multi-Domain Operations
AM General’s platform integrations provide the expeditionary command post capabilities to support new, lightweight tactical computing environments in energy-informed, decentralized operations. These new technology enhancements enable warfighters to rapidly move and position command posts, delivering connected, agile, and scalable command centers.
Humvee XCK®
Expanded Capability Kits

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Humvee Ammunition Support

Humvee XCK®Expanded Capability Kits