Tactical Kits

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9 Man Transport (ETK-9)
The ETK-9 provides combat teams of up to 9 soldiers the capability to utilize their Humvee vehicles to tactically maneuver cross-country with increased safety features. Additionally, the ETK-9 provides the capability to mount crew-serve weapons while maintaining the same level of transportability.

9-man conversion kit

Crush protection of 10,000 lbs.

Improved seating and integrated restraints

360º weapons ring

Mountings for squad weapons available

Narrow Body (ETK-T)
The ETK-Narrow Body reduces the width of the Humvee and allows it to be CH-47 internally transportable.

With simple modifications to the vehicle chassis and a modified or new body, the vehicle is converted to its reduced width. With over 90% Humvee part commonality, performance remains unchanged with 100% capability.

CH-47 internally transportable

Utilizes ETK-9 Transport Kit

Stable firing platform for squad weapons

Mission Command & Control (ETK-MC)
The ETK-MC was developed to provide a Mobile Mission Command Center providing the capability to operate communication equipment both stationary and on-the-move.

This solution uses existing National Stock Number (NSN) components providing the inoperability to support the network capabilities requirements. In this climate-controlled environment, the flexible and configurable workstations and radio rack allow for seamless connectivity and the adaptability to successfully support the warfighters missions.

Four operator control stations & protective cover

Climate-controlled environment

Deployable within 30 minutes of notification

Supports air assault & airborne operations

Reduced electromagnetic emissions & power signature

Onboard power capability

Fires Support (ETK-FS)
The ETK-FS provides the capability of enhanced safety for soldiers with both seat restraints and a crush protection of 10,000 lbs. Utilizing Humvee M1152 vehicles, it provides the ability to safely transport soldiers and maneuver cross-country.

Provides seating for 6-8 occupants

Crush protection & integrated restraints improve safety

Flexible payload configuration

Utilizes current Humvee cargo area canvas & bows

Onboard & Exportable Power (ETK-P)
The ETK-P provides a solution with an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) designed, developed and integrated to a Humvee.

This solution addresses the military’s increasing need for more electrical power supporting their respective missions, and it reduces the logistical complexity by significantly reducing or eliminating the need for towed or tunnel generator requirements. ISG equipped vehicles greatly improve the operational adaptability of the advancing forces by providing mobile, expeditionary power when speed, range, agility, and flexibility are critical to mission success.

Increased electrical power for export or mission equipment

Increased mobility through the elimination of trailers & portable generators

Reduced maintenance & logistical complexity

Up to 30kW power available

No reduction to Humvee mobility or performance

Autonomous Driving (ETK-A)
The ETK-A is a solution that utilizes existing Humvees with an optionally manned robotic kit. It supports increased situational awareness, lethality, route clearance and sustainment without additional personnel operating the vehicles. With the increased robotic capabilities, the ETK-A reduces warfighter burdens allowing them to successfully and safely execute their missions.

Remote operation

Unmanned aerial surveillance

Wide ranging views; tethered UAS provides additional situational awareness

Unmatched night imaging

Ballistic Kits
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