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Hummer® Vehicles

Producing a civilian version of the battle-tested military Humvee® was a natural progression for AM General. In 1992, when the HUMMER was introduced as a civilian truck, it had become apparent that the public understood its unique off-road capabilities.

For nearly a decade, the HUMMER caught the country's eye and it became a highly sought after, one-of-a-kind vehicle. It's an icon of strength, durability and individualism.

In late 1999, AM General and General Motors Corporation finalized an agreement to jointly pursue product, marketing and distribution opportunities for HUMMER. Under the final agreement, GM acquired the exclusive ownership of the HUMMER brand name worldwide and the original HUMMER was renamed the HUMMER H1.

In 2002, AM General opened its new HUMMER H2® Assembly Plant in Mishawaka, Ind. next to the plant that produces the military Humvee. There it assembles the exciting SUV and SUT variants of the HUMMER H2, designed and brought to market by GM.

In 2006, AM General and General Motors jointly decided to cease production of the larger HUMMER H1. AM General continues to provide parts and service for the HUMMER H1.

Although GM acquired the HUMMER brand, they do not own any part of AM General LLC.

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