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Reliability Enhanced HMMWVs

The Reliability Enhanced HMMWV takes the HMMWV to the next level in performance and reliability. These vehicles have been specifically designed to withstand the harsh environment of South West Asia under increased payload demands. Under development for the past 18 months (from mid-2006) and incorporating actual feedback from the battlefield, Reliability Enhanced HMMWVs are now in full production. These improvements are specific to the M1151, M1152 and M1165 model HMMWVs and have completed full durability testing by the U.S. Government. Actual test results have shown a dramatic improvement in reliability and durability and have validated the effectiveness of a new air-conditioning system that allows the warfighter to focus on the mission and not the environment.

Reliability Enhanced Humvee Reliability Enhanced HMMWVs include:

**items shown in yellow.