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General Engine Products LLC

A Subsidiary of AM General LLC

General Engine Products (GEP) produces the OPTIMIZER 6500 V-8 diesel engine at its 92,000-sq.-ft. Franklin, Ohio assembly plant. This engine can be found in new HMMWVs, HUMMER® H1s, as a service replacement engine for numerous vehicles and in marine applications.

The new, modern engine facility went into operation in July 2000. The 6.5-liter engine had been built for many years by General Motors at their Moraine Engine Plant. With GM's technical support, AM General developed the new facility and made numerous improvements to this already reliable power plant.

Besides supplying the engine to AM General as the basic power plant for the military HMMWV and the civilian HUMMER H1, GEP sells the engine to the General Motors Service Parts Organization as a service replacement engine. GEP also supplies the engine to the military as a service engine for existing HMMWVs. Recently the Optimizer 6500 has been used in marine applications.

With numerous diesel engine requirements throughout the world, GEP is well positioned for sales into many markets. The plant is capable of rapid expansion to handle expected growth in sales.