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HMMWV 3-D Simulator

Welcome to AM General's newest addition to 21st century training, the HMMWV Interactive Combat Operations 3-D Simulator (HICOS). AM General's Military Training Department, in cooperation with a leading military simulation company, has produced an immersive 3-D training environment specific to the HMMWV.

Through AM General's military training staff, we discovered a need for a cost effective, yet realistic HMMWV combat operations trainer. The challenge was to develop a scenario based 3-D simulator that would incorporate lessons learned from any theater of operation our military men and women may encounter. Also, scenarios needed to be developed to suit any type of battlefield environment to include urban, rural, desert, etc. With these training criteria in mind, the HICOS 3-D simulator was developed. The flexibility and scalability of the HICOS 3-D system is outstanding. Here are but a few of the system's capabilities:

Here at AM General Military Training, we are committed to the most comprehensive and realistic military training. For 21st century military training solutions, please feel free to contact us for a demonstration, and allow us to design a custom training scenario to suit the needs of your organization.