Our Value Proposition


As a nimble, privately held company, AM General serves customers in ways others can not. Our flexibility allows us to think and act big, and we invest in the future by selecting top talent, partners and suppliers that bring unrivaled expertise and efficiency to meet customer needs. Ultimately we believe AM General is what each employee, working together, makes it. We trust each employee to adhere to the highest standards, including:


We do things right. We approach each of our responsibilities determined to perform them to the very best of our ability. We understand that our customers depend upon us to produce a high-quality, outstanding product.


We do the right things. We adhere faithfully to the highest standards of ethical behavior. We abide by the laws of the United States and those of any country in which we do business. We take responsibility for our actions.


We are completely honest in all of our dealings with our customers, competitors, co-workers and others. We keep records that accurately reflect our conduct and transactions.


We respect the dignity of each person with whom we interact. We recognize that our success depends upon the talent, skills and expertise of our people, and we evaluate others based solely upon their demonstrated ability and performance.

AM General Business
Operating System

As the marketplace becomes more global, more diverse, more complex, AM General’s business must evolve if we are to remain at the highest level.

We’ve launched the AM General Business Operating System (AMGBOS) initiative to keep us at that level and to effectively engage you, our customers.

Serving as a template, AMGBOS aligns our outstanding people enabling them to develop executable plans using best-in-class processes and tools that drive superior performance.

The goal of this initiative is to transform our business by effectively leveraging all our capabilities and maximizing efficiencies, thus taking us to the next level.


Innovative Spirit

Our 1,500 employees, including members of United Auto Workers Local 5, are bound by a shared vision of excellence and this commitment to quality is evident in every vehicle, engine and component produced and supported by AM General. Abiding by these values, we are confident in the future of AM General as a world-class organization with the highest-standards of quality, readiness and reliability—and an innovative spirit that paves the way for a bright future ahead.

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