Track Record

AM General LLC has a strong legacy of designing, manufacturing and supporting iconic, high-quality military, commercial and consumer vehicles, an experience born from our ability to respond to customer needs in a world of constant technological innovation. With more than a century in operation, these consistent threads have stood the test of time: talented, motivated people; leading-edge engineering; high-quality products, on-time production; a full range of technical and logistical support; a strong supplier base and the flexibility to meet changing customer requirements. Going forward, we will continue to leverage our deep experience in the defense and automotive industries.

Where We’ve Been

  • 1903: AM General’s origins begin when the Standard Wheel Company expands to manufacture motor vehicles, starting with the Overland “Runabout”.
  • 1940: AM General precursor develops Willys Jeep, America’s first 4-wheel-drive tactical utility truck, designed and manufactured for the U.S. military.
  • 1960: Bid is won to develop and produce a half-ton delivery van for the U.S. Postal Service, followed by a contract to produce more than 150,000 “Dispatcher” vehicles for USPS, police departments, utility companies and small package delivery firms.
  • 1964: AM General produces nearly 112,000 5-ton and 150,000 2 1/2-ton trucks for the armed forces of the free world.
  • 1983: AM General wins initial Army contract to produce 55,000 HMMWVs over a five-year period. More than 280,000 HMMWVs are produced by 2012.
  • 1992: AM General introduces the HUMMER as “the world’s most serious 4×4”.
  • 1999: The HUMMER brand is acquired by General Motors. AM General continues to assemble and maintain parts, training and warranty support.
  • 2002: AM General begins assembling the HUMMER H2 for GM in a new, state-of-the-art commercial manufacturing center in Mishawaka, IN.
  • 2007: In a first of its kind public-private partnership, AM General provides upgraded and enhanced capability HMMWVs for National Guard units nationwide.
  • 2008: AM General and General Dynamics joint venture, General Tactical Vehicles, wins contract to develop the next-generation JLTV.
  • 2013: AM General forms “Mobility Ventures LLC” to produce the world’s first vehicle built from the ground up for wheelchair accessibility.
  • 2015: Mercedes-Benz selects AM General to manufacture the Mercedes-Benz R-Class luxury vehicle.

Looking to the Future

AM General has the only full-scale contract assembly facility in the United States with ample capacity to serve as the production partner for yet another OEM. Our military business is expanding with increased international sales of HMMWVs and the need to modernize and maintain more than 160,000 HMMWVs still employed by the U.S. armed forces, including the National Guard. AM General has the experienced management team, adaptable workforce and nimble business model to take full advantage of these and other opportunities ahead.