U.S. Vehicle Modernization

Through various tailored and strategic approaches, AM General supports the U.S. armed forces with service life extension and capabilities expansion of their tactical vehicle fleets. These services save taxpayer dollars while preserving vehicle readiness to accomplish missions at home and abroad.

The process begins with an in-depth assessment of existing HMMWVs and our customer’s available resources. We then work closely with our customers to develop the most cost-effective method for adding capabilities, flexibility and service life to existing vehicles. Our skilled Field Service Representatives (FSRs) are also on-call and deployable to support these programs with the latest technical expertise and hands-on training.

Modernization Approaches


Recapitalization (RECAP) is one proven approach to modernizing and extending service life of vehicles. One U.S. Army program receives HMMWVs from the field units, disassembles, and replaces targeted parts and components, remanufactures others, and rebuilds the vehicle to an updated configuration. At that point the vehicle is at zero miles, zero hours, and is a “like new” condition platform ready to issue for tactical formations. These rebuilt HMMWVs become dependable and flexible assets for logistical support, training and contingency operations.


Remanufacturing extends the service life of vehicles without requiring complete overhaul nor large-scale operation support costs. Major vehicle components may be reconditioned or replaced to meet emission and safety standards or to satisfy military objectives to maintain the average age of vehicles in a fleet well beyond their expected service lives. A wide range of our kits can also be incorporated into existing vehicles to improve performance, reliability and mission requirements.

Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships are one innovative way to implement recapitalization or remanufacturing activities in the U.S. while also bringing value to partners who support with specific functions. In these collaborative relationships, AM General and a U.S. military depot, maintenance activity or manufacturing arsenal work together by leveraging individual efficiencies and expertise to create cost-effective, synergistic solutions for our customers.

Partnerships can take different forms including:

  • Teaming or work sharing – AM General can employ the use of a combination of depot and contractor facilities and personnel to produce or repair weapon systems, equipment and components.
  • Purchasing – AM General can purchase goods or services from the Department of Defense’s facilities. This applies to goods or services that end up in products sold to the U.S. government or friendly foreign governments.
  • Leasing – AM General can lease facilities and install their own equipment, or lease facilities and equipment. The leased facilities and equipment can then be used by AM General to produce goods and services for either government or commercial customers.

Successful examples of the AM General’s ground breaking Public-Private Partnerships include:

  • AM General’s Public-Private Partnership with the National Guard and Red River Army Depot in the refurbishment and upgrade of older HMMWV models that will continue to be in the U.S. Military fleet for 30-plus years.