The Multi-Purpose Truck (MPT) was designed to allow customers to configure payload modules customized to their specific needs. Variants can be developed by our engineering experts, and can include the 2-man with Flat Bed, 2 + 6 Personnel Carrier, 4-man Base with Cargo Box, and 9 Crew Capacity Vehicle. The MPT provides a multi-purpose platform capable of integrating a multitude of modules, weapons, and additional internal components.

Key Features

  • Front and rear independent suspension module, improving mobility and adaptability
  • Higher ground clearance and extra wheel travel needed in all-terrain conditions
  • Open base chassis designed to accept variety of special purpose bodies/modules including: ambulance, wrecker, crew transport, flatbed transport, communication, cargo carrying, and tactical configuration
  • Solid state modules used for circuit protection instead of traditional circuit breakers and relays, providing control over electrical loads with software and providing enhanced fault detection diagnostics
  • 2,359kg/5,200lb payload capacity

MPT Spec Sheet

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