The M1151 is an Expanded Capacity Armament Carrier IAP/Armor Ready HMMWV. Designed as an armament carrier, the M1151 provides for the mounting and firing of various weapons systems that are ring-mounted with a 360 degree-arc of fire, while also offering an optional Gunners Protection Kit and Manual Traversing Unit.

M1151 driving on dirt path with blurred background to indicate speed Line of HMMWVs ready to ship

Key Features

  • Designed for use in all weather conditions
  • Built for all types of roads and cross-country terrains
  • Payload ranges from 3,340 to 5,100 lbs. based on armor configuration and fragmentation kit
  • Air transportable and droppable, and can be sling-loaded via helicopter
  • Two available armor kits:
    • “A” kit, which can be factory installed
    • Optional “B” kit, which provides gapless mine and ballistic protection when combined with the “A” kit
  • Additional armor and fragmentation kits are field installable and removable to provide flexibility for missions that do not require heavy protection
  • Equipped with an air-conditioning system to provide optimal crew comfort and increased mission readiness

M1151 HMMWV Spec Sheet

M1151 HMMWV Spec Sheet Download


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