Strong and sturdy, the M1097 HMMWV is a higher-capacity payload cargo and troop carrier configuration of the HMMWV family. These vehicles are equipped with basic armor protection and used to transport equipment, materials and personnel—capable of carrying a two-man crew and up to eight passengers. To accommodate the higher payload capacity, the vehicles are equipped with a reinforced frame, crossmembers, lifting shackles, heavy duty rear springs, shock absorbers, and reinforced control arms. They also come with heavy-duty tires and rims and a transfer case and differential with modified gear ratio for maximum durability.

HMMWV M1097 offloading from naval vessel into ocean M1097 ambulance being loaded with injured soldier

Key Features

  • Designed for use in all weather conditions
  • Built for all types of roads and cross-country terrain
  • Payload of up to 4,400 lbs
  • Air transportable and droppable, and can be sling-loaded via helicopter
  • Fully-loaded vehicles can climb 60 percent slopes and traverse a side slope of up to 40 percent
  • Vehicles can ford hard-bottom water crossing up to 30 inches without a deep water fording kit and up to 60 inches with the kit
  • M1097A1 models are equipped with the self-recovery winch
  • M1097A2 models have an optional 9,000 lbs. self-recovery winch
  • M1097A2 models have new bumpers, which make the vehicles slightly longer
  • Equipped with an air-conditioning system to provide optimal crew comfort and increased mission readiness

M1097 HMMWV Spec Sheet

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