International Vehicle Modernization

Through a number of approaches proven effective for U.S. armed forces, AM General can help international defense customers expand the capabilities and extend the service life of their HMMWV and other Light Tactical Vehicle fleets. Compared to sourcing new vehicles, this can save money while preserving readiness to accomplish military and homeland security missions.

The process begins with an in-depth assessment of existing vehicles and our customer’s available resources. We then work closely with our customers to develop the most cost-effective method for adding capabilities, flexibility, and service life. Our skilled Field Service Representatives (FSRs) are also on-call and globally deployable to support these programs with the latest technical expertise and hands-on training.

Modernization Approaches

national-guard-line-engine recap

Service Life Extension

There are several ways in which AM General can extend the service life of international defense vehicles. Using the U.S. Army “recapitalization” program as an example, HMMWVs are received from the field units and disassembled. Targeted parts and components are replaced—while others may be remanufactured—and then the vehicles are reassembled with the updated configuration. At that point, each vehicle is at zero miles, zero hours, and is a “like new” condition platform ready for tactical employment.


Capability Upgrades

Capability upgrades are another successful modernization approach offered by AM General. With this method, vehicles may be fitted with new or remanufactured parts, while other major components may be reconditioned without need for replacement. A wide range of AM General kits can be incorporated into existing HMMWVs to improve performance, reliability, and lethality to meet mission requirements.