Offering advantages that affect your bottom line, and ours: experience, scalability, cost-consciousness,
and location


  • More than 50 years’ experience assembling over 1.5 million vehicles, from commercial – Hummer H1 and H2; Ford Transit Connect Electric and MV-1 paratransit vehicles; Mercedes-Benz R-Class – to military – HMMWV and Light Tactical Vehicles
  • Proven contract assembly competencies for partners with the highest expectations for quality, consistency, responsiveness, cost control, and close collaboration


  • Perfect for rapid and flexible ramp-up of vehicles production, excess and carryover volume, specialty vehicles runs, and other unique situations faced by OEM’s managing their US-based production capabilities
  • Full spectrum of support including: design, manufacturing, and process engineering; flexible vehicle scheduling; workforce rotation; integrated quality management; supply chain management; procurement; full-on assembly; and more
  • Complete support for the 20-year lifecycle of vehicles, with SAP linkage from our assembly plant to our partner’s retail outlets; purchasing and supply chain management; parts and kits; dealer and communications; customer satisfaction index (CSI) tracking; warranty administration; TREAD Act and other government reporting; service and owner’s manuals; technical training; and other services


  • Contracting with AM General: reduces investment in manufacturing facilities; faster times to market; and flexibility to change with market fluctuations for specialty and niche vehicles
  • Skilled workforce, strong community support, and stable ownership eliminates/reduces workforce obligations and other legacy costs
  • Save on one to two years’ production time and hundreds of millions of dollars by contracting our state of the art assembly plant, certified paint shop, and full range of services


  • Our Midwest location in South Bend, Indiana houses our commercial assembly plant, supply and logistics center, testing and training facility, and corporate headquarters. Business friendly South Bend is convenient to major highway, rail, and Great Lakes shipping.

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Contract Assembly Services
Manufacturing & Quality Engineering Services

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Powertrain Assembly Services

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Supply Chain & Production Control Services
Vehicle Engineering Services

View AM General’s commercial vehicle manufacturing videos by clicking the videos below.

Current Commercial Programs

Mobility Ventures / MV-1

mv1-5686-compressor Mobility Ventures LLC, designer and manufacturer of the acclaimed MV-1, is the only American made vehicle specifically engineered from the ground up in support of wheelchair users and people with disabilities.

The MV-1 is redefining accessible transportation with a built-in side-entry power ramp, ample head room, and seating for up to five which includes the ability to safely accommodate two wheelchair users at a time—one of whom rides in the front and the other in the spacious passenger area —making it the perfect solution for consumers, commercial use, and government fleets. And at Mobility Ventures, safety comes first. The MV-1 safety record is unmatched by any wheelchair accessible vehicle, based on federal NHTSA safety recall data for aftermarket conversion vans. Additionally, the MV-1 meets all Buy America requirements. Mobility Ventures LLC is a subsidiary of AM General. For service and parts support for your MV-1 vehicle, please refer to the Mobility Ventures LLC website above.

Mercedes-Benz R-Class

commercialIn January, 2015, AM General and Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc., announced that Mercedes-Benz had selected AM General to manufacture the Mercedes-Benz R-Class luxury vehicle at AM General’s world-class 675,000 square-foot Commercial Assembly Plant. Because of increasing demand for its Sport Utility Vehicles and the need for greater production capacity in the U.S, Mercedes-Benz moved its production of the R-Class from its Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant to AM General’s Commercial Assembly Plant.

Under the multi-year agreement, AM General is now Mercedes-Benz’s first and only contract manufacturing operator in the U.S.

General Engine Products (GEP)

gep-eng-11-compressorAs a wholly owned subsidiary of AM General, GEP produces the OPTIMIZER 6500 V-8 diesel engine at its 92,000-square-foot Franklin, Ohio assembly plant. This engine can be found in new HMMWVs, as a service replacement engine for numerous vehicles, and in marine applications.

The engine facility went into operation in July 2000. The 6.5-liter engine had been built for many years by General Motors at their Moraine Engine Plant. With GM’s technical support, AM General developed the new facility and made numerous improvements to this already reliable power plant.

Besides supplying the engine to AM General as the basic power plant for the military HMMWV GEP sells the engine to the General Motors Service Parts Organization as a service replacement engine. GEP also supplies the engine to the military as a service engine for existing HMMWVs. Recently the Optimizer 6500 has been used in marine applications.

In 2014 GEP began assembling the 4L80/85 transmission which is used in HMMWVs as a partner to the 6.5 liter engine. With numerous power train requirements throughout the world, GEP is well positioned for sales into many markets and capable of rapid expansion to handle growth in sales.