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AM General Building

AM General LLC , headquartered in South Bend, Ind., with major facilities in nearby Mishawaka, Ind., Livonia, Mich., Franklin, Ohio, and offices in Arlington, Va., designs, engineers, manufactures, supplies and supports specialized vehicles for commercial and military customers.

The AM General business units also include three wholly owned subsidiaries, diesel engine manufacturer General Engine Products, automatic transmission manufacturer General Transmission Products, and Mobility Ventures which offers the MV-1, a purpose-built wheelchair accessible vehicle.

As original designer and manufacturer of the famous HMMWV (Humvee®) and HUMMER® H1 vehicles, AM General has more than six decades of experience meeting the changing needs of the defense and automotive industries, supported by approximately 1,500 employees at its major facilities, and a strong supplier base that stretches across 43 states.

Today, AM General is currently competing in the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program with its offering, the Blast Resistant Vehicle - Offroad or BRV-O. In August 2012, the U.S. Government selected AM General's JLTV proposal for a $64.5 million Engineering, Manufacturing and Development (EMD) phase contract. In August 2013, AM General delivered 22 BRV-Os and associated trailers ahead of schedule to the U.S. Government for a full complement of testing in the EMD phase. Unconditionally accepted, these 22 vehicles included a 4-seat variant Combat Tactical Vehicle in three different configurations and a 2-seat variant Combat Support Vehicle that enables different mission roles across the full spectrum of military operations. Program award is anticipated in mid-2015.


BRV-O is based on more than a decade of AM General investments in research, development and testing for this next-generation light tactical military vehicle. Its mobility technology, matured to meet Warfighter demands, accumulated more than 300,000 operational test miles and demonstrated high reliability and maintainability. BRV-O features a crew capsule and modular armor already proven effective in government-supervised blast testing. The BRV-O design can be readily adapted to future changes in U.S. military missions, enemy threats and new protection technologies as they emerge. BRV-O also features AM General's lightweight, fuel efficient and high performance engine and transmission powertrain; a self-leveling suspension system; a C4ISR backbone with open-standard networked architecture and clustered super-computing power; and other advanced components.

Internationally, AM General is the premier provider of tactical wheeled vehicle solutions, with more than 48,000 Humvees in use in more than 60 countries worldwide. For nearly 30-years the Humvee has been in continuous production and has proven to be the vehicle of choice for a wide range of geographic and mission profiles. It remains an innovative, cost-effective mobility solution, tailored to client needs.

Included in the roster of its more than 60 global customers are Iraq and Afghanistan, where AM General has been at the forefront in supporting the U.S. in the establishment of strong and mobile local forces.

Other AM General products include the Right Hand Drive Humvee (RHD), the Modernized Light Tactical Vehicle (MLTV), the Modernized HMMWV Chassis and the Mobility Ventures MV-1.

Right Hand Drive (RHD) Humvee

Right Hand Drive (RHD) Humvee

In an effort to meet international demand for the Humvee, AM General now offers the M1165 Right Hand Drive (RHD) vehicle. Developed by AM General's engineering and design team, the RHD vehicle brings with it the same unsurpassed performance, mobility, reliability, and quality that made the HMMWV family of vehicles famous across the globe. Strict Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) processes throughout development resulted in the best right-hand drive light tactical vehicle available today. The HMMWV RHD family of vehicles gives additional international customers the opportunity to integrate the HMMWV into their defense and security forces and take advantage of its versatility, affordability, and ease of maintenance.

M-1165 2.0 DRGN-V Humvee

M-1165 2.0 DRGN-V

Available in both left and right hand drive, the light, speedy and maneuverable Deployable Reconnaissance Ground Network- Vehicle (DRGN-V) incorporates AM General’s more than 50 years of expertise and experience in designing, developing and manufacturing Light Tactical Vehicles (LTVs)... taking lessons learned from the battlefield and the commercial automotive industry and delivering it in an outstanding LTV package. The DRGN-V is specifically designed for international rapidly deployable forces, boarder surveillance, reconnaissance and interdiction missions.

Utilizing groundbreaking technologies for greater performance and mission flexibility, AM General's innovative M-1165 2.0 DRGN-V solution demonstrates unmatched power and mobility. Because of its narrow 2.0 meter width and light weight, the vehicle is specifically designed to be deployed quickly from inside a cargo helicopter, and maneuver through tight urban and harsh jungle and desert environments. The DRGN-V is a platform that is extremely flexible and can be quickly configured to meet a multitude of varying mission requirements. It has approximately 70 - percent parts commonality with the current HMMWV family of vehicles, which significantly reduces expenses for parts, maintenance and training at a time of increasing pressure on defense budgets around the world.

Modernized Light Tactical Vehicle (MLTV) Humvee

The Modernized Light Tactical Vehicle (MLTV)

The Modernized Light Tactical Vehicle (MLTV) is another of AM General's international offerings. The MLTV is equipped with NATO and European Standard EN-level armor protection that is scalable to meet differing mission requirements. Its adaptable and scalable armor protection is tailorable to meet specific mission requirements. The MLTV is equipped with a best-in-class, fuel-efficient engine with high horsepower-to-weight ratio, matched with a durable transmission for extreme off-road capabilities. Its chassis and suspension systems are optimized to provide maximum payloads for armor protection and combat/combat support systems.

Modernized HMMWV Chassis

Modernized HMMWV Chassis

Furthermore, AM General provides a Modernized HMMWV Chassis. This vehicle enhancement program is designed for HMMWVs that will continue to be in the U.S. and international military fleets for 30-plus years. AM General's modernized chassis has been upgraded after 10 years of R&D investment to support heavier vehicle operating weights, thereby increasing payload capacity and at the same time providing full crew protection with modular and scalable kitted armor. Additionally, the upgraded cooling system provides higher cooling capacity to ensure the HMMWV will meet or exceed all operational requirements at a heavier operating weight and in significantly higher temperature environments. These improvements have resulted in not only a more capable vehicle, but also a more durable and reliable one.

MV-1 White

Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing – Mobility Ventures/ MV-1

In addition to military operations, AM General continues to be involved in commercial business. Building on a legacy of assembling the HUMMER® H1 and H2 for consumers, AM General the MV-1 vehicle through a wholly owned subsidiary, Mobility Ventures LLC, an industry innovator in purpose-built wheelchair accessible vehicles for public and private transportation providing automotive design, engineering, marketing, sales, and customer service support. The MV-1 is the only purpose-built vehicle designed from the ground up for wheelchair accessibility meeting or exceeding guidelines in the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is the only vehicle in its class with a factory installed Compressed Natural Gas fuel option.

Legacy of Innovation

With a legacy dating back to America's first 4-wheel drive utility vehicle - the Willys Jeep of World War II -- AM General is best known today for its global leadership in the design, production and support of the High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee), recognized as the most versatile, dependable and mobile light tactical vehicle in the world. Humvees perform logistics, combat support, disaster relief and many other roles for the U.S. armed services and more than 60 international military forces. AM General provides engineering, parts and logistical support for Humvees worldwide. This includes combat theaters and Army and Marine bases -- to reserve and National Guard centers, and the military depots where Humvees are rebuilt and refitted to continue serving multiple missions.

Unparalleled in the history of U.S. military procurement, the Humvee illustrates AM General's ability to adapt a military vehicle to meet changing requirements on the battlefield. AM General combines innovative design, skilled engineering, new technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing to transform the Humvee from a capable logistics truck to an armored combat workhorse supporting more than 70 mission profiles in the world's most extreme environments.

The history of AM General stretches back to the transitions from horse-drawn carriage to the early car, and makes the company one of the long-standing pillars of the American automobile industry. Historic milestones include:

1903: The Standard Wheel Company of Terre Haute, Ind. expands its bicycle operation to manufacture motor vehicles, starting with the Overland "Runabout."
1940: The Willys Jeep, America's first 4-wheel-drive quarter-ton tactical utility truck, is designed and manufactured for the U.S. military, leading to the production of more than 630,000 vehicles between 1940 and 1985.
1960: Bid is won to develop and produce a half-ton delivery van for the U.S. Postal Service. More than 14,000 of these half-ton vehicles are produced, to be followed by more than 150,000 quarter-ton "Dispatcher" vehicles for USPS, police departments, utility companies and small package delivery firms.
1964: Nearly 112,000 5-ton and 150,000 2 1/2-ton trucks are produced for the armed forces of the free world.
1983: Initial U.S. Army contract is won to produce 55,000 Humvees in five basic models and 15 different configurations over a five-year period. More than 280,000 Humvees are produced by 2012, including the fully armored models needed for combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.
1992: AM General introduces the HUMMER as "the world's most serious 4x4" after its military cousin, the Humvee, receives acclaim in Operation Desert Storm.
1999: The HUMMER brand is acquired by General Motors. AM General continues to assemble and maintain parts, training and warranty support of the HUMMER H1 under contract.
2002: AM General begins assembling the HUMMER H2 for GM in a new, state-of-the-art commercial manufacturing center in Mishawaka, Ind.
2005: To meet requests for increasing numbers of armored Humvees for U.S. military forces, AM General begins production-line installation of modular armor in a dedicated 75,000-square foot armor assembly building adjacent to the HMMWV plant.
2008: The AM General and General Dynamics Land Systems joint venture, General Tactical Vehicles, wins one of three contracts to develop the next-generation JLTV.
2012: U.S. Government selects AM General's JLTV proposal for a $64.5 million Engineering, Manufacturing and Development (EMD) phase contract.
2013: AM General delivers 22 BRV-Os and associated trailers ahead of schedule to the U.S. Government for a full complement of testing in the EMD phase.
2013: AM General announces agreement leading to ownership and control of the vehicle production group (VPG) to revitalize VPG and form a new company called "Mobility Ventures LLC"
2013: MV-1 producer Mobility Ventures LLC obtains member status with the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association

The innovations AM General contributes to the American automobile industry include a Central Tire Inflation System used on 5-ton trucks featuring driver-activated dashboard controls that alter tire pressure to suit terrain conditions while the vehicle is in motion.

For the HMMWV program, AM General developed unique geared hubs to double the torque available to the wheel without the size and weight that otherwise would be required. AM General also pioneered the use of modular armor that can be augmented or removed to support a variety of missions in a wide range of scenarios to meet the U.S. military's evolving needs, transforming the original 1¼ ton payload truck into an armored expanded-capacity vehicle for payloads up to 5,100 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating up to 13,100 pounds. The U.S. Army adopted this approach for other current and future military vehicles, including the JLTV.

3693 Armor

On the support front, AM General's innovations include classroom instruction for military teams, a test track, and 180-acres off-road trails and obstacle training at its Chippewa facility in South Bend, IN. For example, in a five-day Advanced Mobility/Maintenance/Battle Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR) course, military students learn how to maximize the off-road capabilities of Humvees with advanced mobility driving techniques, field vehicle recovery, and battle damage repair techniques. AM General also developed a "Customer Pay" program that ensured parts needed for refurbished and rebuilt Humvees were received at military depot assembly lines at the right time, with AM General shouldering responsibility for inventory and supply chain management and without the need for stockpiling parts. According to the Army, this yielded a savings of 6.6 to 8.7 percent on each vehicle by reducing unneeded spare parts purchases and nearly eliminating production line interruptions.

Focus on Quality

August Training

AM General is a recognized leader in high-quality manufacturing. The tenets of LEAN manufacturing have been embraced throughout the company for greater efficiency. The company's vehicle assembly plants achieved ISO 9001:2000 registration from the Quality Management Institute (QMI), an internationally recognized independent registrar company. The Humvee was the first tactical military vehicle to meet this standard, designated by the U.S. Department of Defense as the quality system of choice for its suppliers.

Similarly, AM General's engine manufacturing subsidiary, General Engine Products, is registered to QS-9000: 1998. This exceeds ISO standards and encompasses the assembly and distribution of diesel engines produced by GEP.

As such, the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) awarded AM General five Honorary Service Awards for exceptional performance in meeting cost, delivery and performance requirements for the HMMWV program in recognition of the company's manufacturing prowess. During the 2008 ceremony presenting the awards, senior DCMA representatives cited the quality of the latest-model armored HMMWV and the company's commitment to constant improvement of the vehicle through interaction with the customer, including warfighters in the field. AM General was the first civilian contractor to receive an Honorary Service Award from the DCMA.

Service Commitment

Service Commitment

Also in 2008, AM General received the Defense Logistics Agency's Outstanding Readiness Support Award in the large business category for outstanding support to on-going U.S. military operations. The award recognized "extraordinary customer support, service and product provided directly in response to a crisis situation," and referenced AM General's commitment to provide spare parts for the many model and mission variations of the HMMWV operating in Iraq, Afghanistan and other deployed locations. A related DLA news release said:

"This performance has been especially important because of the instrumental role the HMMWV is playing in the Global War on Terrorism and other U.S. military missions overseas. The partnership between DLA and AM General has reduced administrative and production lead times, lowered costs, and enabled the partners to develop and test processes and to track performance — all with the goal of providing world-class readiness support to the war-fighter."

In addition to spare parts support, AM General has ensured continuous design improvements accepted by the U.S. military to increase the performance, payload, and crew protection, which rapidly integrated into Humvees used by U.S. operating forces overseas. These upgrades include mission-flexible armor protection, improved engine cooling, reinforced suspension to handle increased loads and many others. AM General field service employees work in combat theaters to ensure soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen have the parts, equipment, guidance and support needed to make such modifications. AM General is focused on providing this hands-on global support to our military forces, from AM General's engineering R&D center in Michigan, to manufacturing plants, parts warehouses, and depot support facilities.

Service Parts Logistics Operations (SPLO)

SPLO Parts

AM General's SPLO division provides a full range of services including hands-on equipment training, all levels of driver training instruction, field service support, and award-winning supply chain management. SPLO sources, manages and delivers over 35,000 genuine HMMWV parts for Humvees in service, ensuring precision fit and durability. Technical support is available toll-free, online and through AM General field-service specialists stationed at Letterkenny Army Depot, Red River Army Depot, Yuma Proving Ground, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maine Military Authority, and more than a dozen locations in Southwest Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. SPLO also provides parts, training, warranty and customer satisfaction support for the H1 HUMMER in collaboration with General Motors. Supply Chain Management provides purchasing and business expertise to identify, select and develop business relationships that provide products and services at the lowest total cost.

Integrated Logistics Support

AM General's Integrated Logistics Support Team provides global support to optimize total life-cycle performance. Areas of expertise include maintenance planning, manpower, personnel and human factors, military packaging, interactive technical manuals with Class V diagnostics, spare/repair-parts provisioning, new equipment fielding support, and training and design interface and integration. This team supports the HMMWV family of vehicles plus the U.S. military's medium and heavy tactical trucks, bridging equipment, mine-detection vehicles, petroleum and water supply systems, and other equipment.

System Technical Support

AM General's System Technical Support team has demonstrated its ability to support virtually any system, having received a multitude of engineering contracts from both the U.S. government and private industry alike over the past 40 years. This support ranges from engineering design concept and stress analysis to prototype development, production planning, and legacy support.

General Engine Products

General Engine Products

As a wholly owned subsidiary of AM General, General Engine Products produces the OPTIMIZER 6500, 205 HP, V-8 diesel engine and the OPTIMIZER 3200, 250 HP, V-8 diesel engine at its 92,000-squarefeet, Franklin, Ohio assembly plant. These engines can be found in new military HMMWVs, in civilian HUMMER® H1s, as a service replacement engine for numerous vehicles and in marine applications and future projects like the JLTV. General Engine Product's modern engine facility went into operation in July 2000.

General Transmission Products

General Transmission Products is the second addition to AM General's subsidiaries. General Transmission Products produces the 4L80E transmission, formally manufactured by General Motors Powertrain. The 4L80E is a mainstay in both military and commercial vehicles and is produced to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) specifications.

Mobility Ventures

Acquired in 2013, Mobility Ventures LLC is the third AM General subsidiary. Mobility Ventures LLC is an industry innovator in purpose-built wheelchair accessible vehicles for public and private transportation providing automotive design, engineering, marketing, sales, and customer service support. Mobility Ventures LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of AM General LLC. Please see more information about Mobility Ventures LLC

International Business

AM General is the premier provider of tactical wheeled vehicle solutions in the world, with more than 48,000 Humvees in use in more than 60 countries worldwide. For nearly 30 years the Humvee has been in continuous production and has proven to be the vehicle of choice for a wide range of geographic and mission profiles. It remains an innovative, cost-effective mobility solution, tailored to client needs. The continued use of the vehicles fielded since 1985 is testament to the quality and durability of the Humvee, as well as AM General's strong commitment to sustaining the vehicles, not only by building the most versatile, dependable, and mobile light tactical vehicle in the market, but also by providing a total package solution to include training, parts and support to the user in the field.

Included in the roster of its more than 60 global customers are Iraq and Afghanistan, where AM General has been at the forefront in supporting the U.S. in the establishment of strong and mobile local forces.

AM General also has joined with other leading defense contractors around the world to develop vehicles based on the HMMWV chassis or drivetrain and suspension components. The Mowag Eagle I-III and the Otokar Cobra have been designed, tested and produced to be unique vehicles that provide the outstanding mobility and performance of the HMMWV combined with the reduced logistical costs of an existing global network for support and service.

AM General's international offerings include the Right Hand Drive vehicle (RHD), the Modernized Light Tactical Vehicle (MLTV), and the Modernized HMMWV Chassis.

People with Pride

AM General's 1,500 employees include the proud members of United Auto Workers Local 5, established in 1933 and today the oldest UAW union shop in the nation. Their commitment to quality is evident in every Humvee leaving the factory and heading for American and allied forces. Many of these employees are themselves combat veterans, members of the military reserves and National Guard, or have family members serving on active duty.


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