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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy stock in AM General?
AM General is owned by a privately held investment company and does not have publicly traded stock.
What is AM General's relationship with General Motors?
General Motors does not own any part of AM General. In December 1999, AM General and General Motors Corporation finalized an agreement to jointly pursue product, marketing and distribution opportunities for HUMMER®. Under the final agreement, GM acquired the exclusive ownership of the HUMMER brand name worldwide and the original civilian HUMMER was renamed the HUMMER H1. GM has responsibility for marketing and distributing all HUMMERs.
What does HMMWV (Humvee) stand for?
HMMWV stands for High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV, pronounced Humvee®). The name HUMMER has been closely associated with Humvee since the HMMWV program began. HUMMER is not an acronym for any special words, but was coined by people first involved with the program. The name HUMMER later became the name of the commercial vehicle AM General began producing in 1992. The HUMMER name is now owned by General Motors and is now one of their brands, which currently emcompasses the HUMMER H1, HUMMER H2 and HUMMER H3.
How many Humvees have been built since first introduced?
Over 300,000 have been sold around the world since their introduction in 1985.
Are Humvees sold to countries other than the U.S.?
Yes. More than 60 friendly overseas countries have purchased Humvees.
Can the public purchase military Humvees?
No. The Humvee was designed for a military mission and was not designed to meet civilian safety standards. AM General does not endorse nor support the sale of these military vehicles to the general public or private entities. AM General further opposes any use of these military vehicles by individuals or entities outside of the military context for which the vehicles are designed. AM General does not sell the military vehicle or service parts for the military vehicle to the general public.
Can the public purchase parts for Humvees or other military vehicles manufactured by AM General?
No, these parts, as well as service information, are available only to military customers. Occasionally these vehicles wind up in civilian hands. However, AM General does not support these vehicles when they are in civilian ownership.
Where can I find support for old jeeps, postal vehicles and other old military vehicles?
AM General supports only the High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), also known as the Humvee®, and other selected military truck models manufactured by AM General in the possession of the U.S. Government or other authorized customer countries.
Specifically, AM General does not support the following:
  • any Jeep® models
  • any model of old postal vehicles (e.g. the DJ-5)
  • Humvees that are no longer in U.S. government inventory
  • any other military trucks manufactured by AM General not in the possession of, being refurbished by, or otherwise used by the U.S. Government or other authorized customer countries
  • any other military trucks not being used for their original intended purpose.
Accordingly, AM General cannot provide parts, manuals or any other materials relating to these vehicles to private individuals or organizations.
Where are Humvees made?
Humvees are manufactured in AM General's Military Assembly Plant in Mishawaka, Indiana, just east of South Bend, Indiana.
Are factory tours available at AM General's plants?
Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate tours for individuals or groups at this time.
Does AM General license the Humvee® name?
Yes, it does. Humvee is a registered trademark and owned by AM General. Numerous toys, games, clothing items and other licensed products are for sale at stores around the world. If you are interested in obtaining rights to license a Humvee product, contact Mike Gard at Global Icons, Inc. at (310) 820-5300. E-mail: If you are interested in the HUMMER brand for licensing purposes, you must contact General Motors.